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Erotic Intelligence

Reconciling Sensuality and Domesticity

May/June 2003
Many therapists fail to recognize that sexual desire doesn't always play by the rules of good citizenship. By counseling political correctness in the bedroom, they miss the point of eroticism captured in Bunel's famous pronouncement that "sex without sin is like an egg without salt."
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In the Mood

Desire Seldom Comes to Those Who Wait

May/June 2003
If you've ever thought that a couple's sexual relationship is a barometer of other aspects of their marriage, join the club. And if, because of this belief, your work with distant and warring couples has you shoring up their emotional bond in the hopes that the rest of their marriage—their sex life—will eventually fall into place, you're in good company as well. But there's another, frequently more practical and expedient, way to break through marital gridlock and boost passion.

Pathways to Sexual Intimacy

Revealing Our Many Selves in the Bedroom

May/June 2003
No other area of a couple's life holds as much promise for achieving intimacy as sex. Indeed, the promise of intimacy may be as important as lust for drawing human beings toward sex in the first place. My goal now is to help partners reach the kind of soul-deep connectedness in their sexual encounters that can transform their lives and their relationship with each other.

Satori in the Bedroom

Tantra and the Dilemma of Western Sexuality

March/April 1999
Modern sex therapy helped thousands with simple, effective behavioral techniques, usually focused narrowly on achieving erection, intercourse or orgasm. Yet few of us have much of a clue about continuing to create the more profound joys of sexuality--especially after the first six months to two years of a relationship, when hormones subside and desire fades.

What is This Thing Called Love?

The Answers Are Being Discovered in the Laboratory

March/April 1999
If the idea that desire is orchestrated by our body chemistry hasn't yet found its way into the clinical conversation, it may be because the evidence is still largely buried in scientific journals, primarily from the emerging fields of behavioral endocrinology and psychophysiology.

The Evolution of Modern Sex Therapy

A Look Back

March/April 1999
Twenty years after the sexual revolution, in the most sexually explicit culture in the world, a surprisingly large number of people continue to have difficulties with the sexual basics.

Beyond Viagra

Why the Promise of Cure Far Exceeds the Reality

May/June 2004
Despite all the hoopla, the dropout rate for Viagra exceeds 40 percent. A case explores the aspects of middle-aged sexuality that no drug can address.

Passionate Marriage

Helping Couples Decode the Language of Their Sexuality

September/October 1997

Editor’s Note

January/February 2016
I suspect that no matter how sophisticated we become about sex in the abstract, there’s some half-hidden, unacknowledged suspicion within most of us that sex—or at least the way we personally experience and think about it—is peculiar, if not downright bizarre.
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The Unspeakable Language of Sex

Why Are We Still so Tongue-Tied?

January/February 2016
If you’re like most couples therapists, you know how to help partners communicate more clearly, handle conflict with less uproar, and connect more emphatically. But 50 years after the so-called sexual revolution, many therapists are still unsure about how and when to talk about sexual issues. In our obsession with pop sexuality, we’ve vastly overestimated the power of sexual acts while vastly underestimating the feelings associated with them.
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