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Family Matters

Something Close to Warmth: A Daughter's Search for Meaning

July/August 2021
Finding solace after the death of an absent father.

Leaning Into Grief

September/October 2021
When you do the work that we do, it’s important to find ways to take care of yourself. You can’t always carve out lots of time to devote to self-care, but we have ways to prioritize it.

In Consultation

Unshed Tears: Helping Kids Work through Unresolved Grief

March/April 2022
Many of the ways that children grieve differently from adults can go unrecognized and unprocessed.

Editor's Note

July/August 2022
Let’s face it: we live in a move-on culture. Sure, the notion of a quick fix is comforting, but as therapists know, it’s not the norm. Nowhere is this more evident than in the human experience of grief, which involves a complex and shifting set of emotions, with plenty of individual nuance. Given the DSM’s new addition of prolonged grief disorder, our authors talk candidly about their own experiences, both as therapists working with grieving clients and as people who have suffered enormous losses themselves.
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Is Prolonged Grief a Disorder?

Exploring the New DSM Diagnosis

July/August 2022
According to grief experts, does a new diagnosis in the DSM pathologize a critical component of the human experience?
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Attachment Grief

Living with the Loss of a Child

July/August 2022
For someone who has survived the death of their child, describing grief as a journey perpetuates the myth that, eventually, there’s an end point.
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A Therapist Confronts Cancer

Finding a Way through the Abyss

July/August 2022
No one can prevent the horrors of cancer, but processing this particular experience of loss with a therapist who’s been through it may stave off the trauma of treatment.
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Shattered by Suicide

Helping Families in the Aftermath

July/August 2022
Suicide isn’t simply the tragedy of someone taking their own life: it’s also the long, excruciating nightmare of being left behind.

Moving Through Grief

An Emotionally Focused Approach

July/August 2022
Once blocks to the organic grief process are identified and removed, how can therapists choreograph corrective emotional experiences?

The Inheritance of Loss

A Therapist and Client Grieve Together

July/August 2022
While grief can be a familiar creature that lives inside us, we often treat it as a stranger.
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