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Family Matters

Plowing - The art of facing an impossible task

March/April 2007
A session with a homeless client recalls a long-ago lesson about accomplishing an impossible task.

A Complicated Grieving

Death, guilt, and anger are an explosive mix

September/October 2006
"Complicated grief" resulting from unresolved guilt, anger, shame, and regret can fester on for many years.

In Consultation

Moving through Grief

July/August 2016
How Kübler-Ross’s stage model of dealing with loss can help grieving clients heal.

A Complete Life

From an Evening of Storytelling 2018

May/June 2018
A specialist in grief and dying gets an early lesson on what makes up a full life.

Dying Well

Humanizing Our Overmedicalized System

March/April 2019
Hospital protocols have replaced the time-honored customs that once enabled the dying to be lead actors in their life’s final drama. Why do we spend so much on last ditch medical treatments while depriving so many of what they need to die with dignity and peace?
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Case Study

In the Aftermath of Suicide: The Long Journey to Healing

May/June 2019
In the wake of a loved one’s suicide, therapists must have the patience to sit with clients as the slow and painful process of healing unfolds. CASE COMMENTARY by Douglas Flemons.

Family Matters

The Last Joke: The Pathos of a May-December Marriage

July/August 2019
A shared sense of humor can help couples make heavy issues feel lighter. But what happens when there’s no one there to get the joke?

Love & Grief

Finding Meaning in Loss

March/April 2020
When a loved one dies, it’s easy to get stuck in your pain. But if you can find meaning in even the most senseless loss, you can do more than just get unstuck.

Lost and Found

Scenes from a Miscarriage

July/August 2020
The story of a miscarriage is often about crushed hope, but it can also bring unexpected possibility.
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Therapeutic Approaches to Miscarriage

Four Tips for Processing Grief

July/August 2020
We still don’t have a clear and reliable road map for navigating the unique grief that comes with losing a wanted pregnancy.
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