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Clinician's Digest

May/June 2009
- Is there a vaccination-autism link? - Self-injuring teens - How good are therapists at spotting liars? - Testing what MFTs know about men, women, and marriage - A new look at logotherapy - Decoding a baby's cries

Screening Room

Move Over, Meryl: Kate Winslet Ascends to Center Stage

May/June 2009
What separates screen actors who remain enshrined in our memory from those who just momentarily catch our eye?

Family Matters

Timelines: Rituals Bond the Past to the Future

May/June 2009
From generation to generation, much about family rituals changes and much remains the same.

Screening Room

Inside Out: Frost/Nixon and Milk Hold a Mirror to Our Fears

March/April 2009
Movies are about giving us outsiders in the audience the illusion of being inside the charmed circle of real experience.

Grand Illusion

Has the American Dream Become Our Nightmare?

July/August 2009
In the last few decades, getting ahead, always a leitmotif in American society, gave way to a collective hallucination of striking it filthy rich. As we awaken with anxiety and dread from this version of the American Dream, it's time to reexamine our mindset about money.

The Second Avenue Deli School of Economics

Lessons from the Great Depression

July/August 2009
You think the toboggan ride of your 401(k) has been rough? A survivor of the Great Depression muses on what that era taught her about managing the unmanageable.


Reality isn't what it used to be

January/February 2009
Today we engage the world more often through screens than face-to-face. Without planning to, we've become citizens of Screenworld, a collective state of mind that's profoundly altering our orientation toward reality.

When "Them" Become "Us"

Crossing the great divide of otherness

January/February 2009
The creation of "the other" is the dynamic at the heart of racism, sexism, homophobia, and persecution. The first step in altering that dynamic is the struggle to challenge your own sense of "them" and "us."

Screening Room

Tell Me a Story: As Hollywood Goes Postmodern, Has Narrative Become Passé?

January/February 2009
If you're like me, you've noticed that movies don't make as much sense as they used to. Nevertheless, I suspect that there's still an audience somewhere out there with an old-fashioned appetite for narrative coherence—an audience that wants a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end; a story that inspires, instructs, and offers insights into the human condition.

Screening Room

Darkness and Light: Evoking the Flip Sides of the Hollywood Dream Machine

September/October 2008
Two hugely successful films, released on the same weekend this summer, revealed the flip side of the Hollywood experience.
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