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Sherry Turkle Sees e-Life at the Crossroads

January/February 2011
MIT professor Sherry Turkle has spent the last 30 years studying what our machines have come to mean to us, and how they're altering--sometimes radically--our experience of intimacy, privacy, personal identity, and human connection.

Point Of View

Whatever Became of Feminism?: Harriet Lerner on the Legacy of the Women's Movement

January/February 2011
Whatever happened to feminism? Psychologist and bestselling author Harriet Lerner offers some perspective.

Allying with the Internet

The Best Clinical Resources on the Web

September/October 2010
A guide to the wealth of websites and message boards that can be useful to clients and therapists alike.

At the Movies

Movie Magic: The Search for Transcendence in a Celluloid World

March/April 2010

Clinician's Digest

Virtual Reality Therapy

March/April 2010

Seeking the Silence

Wilderness Solitude Opens New Doorways into the Self

July/August 2010
At an age when many are sticking even closer to their couches and remote controls, a restless soul decides to seize his last chance to explore the wilderness alone.

Family Matters

Home Fires

July/August 2010
The old family house consoles a grieving daughter

Clinician's Digest

July/August 2010
- Is therapist privacy a thing of the past? - Creating networks of therapists - A cautionary tale about self-help books - The new DSM's take on personality disorders - The brain-scan wars

Ecological Intelligence

A new awareness for our time

January/February 2010
Our collective survival depends on a shift in our most basic assumptions and perceptions, one that'll drive changes in commerce and industry, as well as in our individual actions and behaviors.


The Art of the Practical: The Triumphs and Limits of Psychotherapy

May/June 2009
From Freud to Zoloft, the story of therapy in this country has been the triumph of pragmatism over esoteric theory.
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