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Case Study

The Black Shadow: Facing the Taboo Issue of Race in the Consulting Room

November/December 2013
Raising the issue of race in therapy can help African American clients connect their personal struggles to an enduring cultural legacy that many insist isn’t supposed to matter anymore.


Is Now Really Better? Lessons from Traditional Societies

May/June 2013
Jared Diamond’s new book explores the many lessons modern cultures can draw from the wisdom of small-scale, preindustrial societies.

Point Of View

Finding the Hero Within: Exploring the Link Between Trauma and Oppression

March/April 2013
Kenneth Hardy believes that the experience of trauma is too often unacknowledged by therapists struggling to help troubled minority youth.

Point Of View

Talking with God: Religion as a Therapeutic Experience

July/August 2013
Anthropologist and author Tanya Luhrmann explains how many evangelicals experience the kind of support in their connection with God that others find in their relationship with a therapist.


The Taste Bud Conspiracy: Are we the victims of the food industry?

July/August 2013

A new book exposes the story of the corporate competition for our taste buds and ever-expanding tummies.

Visions Of A Sustainable Planet

We Need to Expand Our Moral Imagination

September/October 2012
We live in a culture of denial, especially about the grim reality of climate change. Sure, we want to savor the occasional shrimp cocktail without having to brood about ruined mangroves, but we can’t solve a problem we can’t face.

Reinventing Your Life

Finding Self-Renewal in the Himalayas

November/December 2012
Tens of thousands of miles away from his practice, a therapist accidentally discovers a new sense of purpose, unable to distinguish the act of giving from the act of love.

Point Of View

Tribal Politics: Moral Issues are at the Heart of Elections

November/December 2012
Social psychologist Jonathon Haidt offers a perspective on why we vote the way we do that you’re unlikely to have read about in the deluge of mainstream election-season coverage this fall.

Point Of View

Mary Pipher on Activism: Applying our Healing Skills in the Wider World

May/June 2012
Bestselling author and retired psychotherapist Mary Pipher makes a case for therapists’ having the know-how to become effective social activists---and for why saving the environment isn’t such a lost cause.

Clinician's Digest

- Personality differences and politics - Reconsidering "ex-gayness" - Endless therapy - Head injuries and depression

July/August 2012
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