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Helper Syndrome

When Are We Enough?

September/October 2021
Is the problem of compassion fatigue that we get tired of being compassionate toward others—or that we aren’t being compassionate toward ourselves?
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Point of View

Unhealed Bodies: Looking at Ancestral Trauma

September/October 2021
Resmaa Menakem, author of My Grandmother’s Hands, discusses racialized trauma and a body-based path to healing.

Decolonizing Mental Health

The Healing Power of Community

November/December 2021
Training must go beyond the intellectual exercise of grasping the concept of racism. The real work is getting out of our chairs and going into our communities to do something about it.

Point of View

Total Liberation: A Buddhist Approach to Healing

November/December 2021
What would therapy look like if the focus was on liberating a client from their setbacks, rather than simply diluting their symptoms?

Unlearning Weight Stigma

The Latest Science on Trauma and Weight

January/February 2022
When therapists assume that higher-weight individuals have a traumatic past, it adds another layer to the fat-shaming they’re already likely enduring.
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Couples Therapy Around the World

Putting EFT to Work in Two Cultures

March/April 2022
With its Western focus on secure emotional bonds and demonstrative, healthy attachment in couples, how does Emotionally Focused Therapy fit into ancient and collectivist cultures?

Crossing the Urban-Rural Divide

Time to Address Unchallenged Prejudices

March/April 2022
In Hammerfest, Norway, known as the northernmost town in the world, a therapist is challenging geographical narcissism.

Humility First

Avoiding Transcultural Overreach

March/April 2022
There’s no recipe book when it comes to working with another culture.
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