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Across the Great Divide

Middle Age in the Rear-View Mirror

January/February 2005
As they've aged, the Boomers have kept redefining previous generations' ideas about the stages of the life cycle. But while the pop bromide may insist that "50 is the new 30." when you're pushing 60, you're no longer middle-aged: you're about to be old.

In Praise of the Older Therapist

Probing the Heart of Clinical Wisdom

January/February 2005
Among the more curious findings of the therapy-research literature is the failure to show that experienced clinicians get any better results than novices. Maybe the problem is that, too often, experience can make you less aware of the uniqueness of the people in your office.

Betty Friedan Takes on the Age Mystique

A New Image of Life's "Third Age"

July/August 1998
Betty Friedan has been exploring another vast expanse of our collective social experience, which she believes is every bit as oppressive and blighting of human possibility as the feminine mystique: it's the mix of denial and dread of growing old that she calls "the age mystique."


Fact and Fiction

July/August 1998
By examining how older members of our society actually live and looking at what we can learn from people who age successfully, one research study shifted the focus away from the deficits experienced in aging to the factors that permit individuals to function effectively, both physically and mentally, well into old age.

Family Matters

The Last Dance: Awakening a Mother’s Joyful Spirit

January/February 2016
Toward the end of her life, a woman turns back the clock by performing the goofy ballet of her youth.
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In Consultation

The Rewards of Caregiving: Escaping Negative Cycles

May/June 2016
How to help beleaguered caretakers of elderly parents find meaning and purpose in a challenging task.
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Life, Death, and a Good Cigar

Freud Chose to Face the End on His Own Terms

July/August 2016
For most of us, death is a subject hovering in the shadows of our lives, willfully ignored until it’s suddenly standing rudely before us, the world’s worst party crasher. But the supremely self-willed Sigmund Freud began preparing for death many decades before the actual event, determined not to be cowed by it. For him, anything less would’ve been a blot on psychoanalysis.

Family Matters

The Unassignables: What Really Gets Handed Down in a Family?

September/October 2016
A son’s decision to get married is a rite of passage for the entire family.

Family Matters

Intimate Enemies

November/December 2016
A stepson reconsiders a long-held resentment.

Family Matters

The Oldest Guy on the Team: Running for Your Life

January/February 2017
The joys of being the oldest guy on the team.
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