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Case Study

Strategies for the Aging Brain: Coping with Memory Loss

September/October 2010
Too often, a faltering memory is a source of not only everyday inconvenience, but paralyzing dread.

Hello, Good-bye

Boomers Are Discovering The Joys and Sorrows of Grandparenthood

September/October 2009
As the boomers discover the joys and sorrows of becoming grandparents, they're putting their own generational stamp on a role that's as ancient as parenthood.

Case Studies

Eros and Aging: Is good enough sex right for you?

July/August 2008
Despite marketing blitz, Viagra hasn't turned out to be the neat remedy for erectile dysfunction for men over 50 that was promised. Can therapists offer aging couples more enduring help as they proceed through the life cycle?

Editor's Note

The Journey to Becoming a Real Grown-Up

September/October 2007
A disappointing lesson we all learn sooner or later is that growing older doesn’t necessarily mean growing wiser, or even growing up.

Refeathering the Nest

From Dutiful Daughter to Self-Aware Caregiver

September/October 2007
When families become stressed by a member's long-term care needs, it's easy to continue the usual relationship patterns and perpetuate long-standing resentments. But sometimes it's possible to learn new ways of being and interacting.

Caring for the Caregiver

6 Tips

September/October 2007
Those who care for ailing family members often are undertaking a marathon, not a sprint.

In Consultation

Getting Your Head Out of the Sand: Issues to Consider When Planning for Retirement

November/December 2007
It's never too early to start planning for retirement.


Fear of Fading: Can We Maintain Our Edge During the Aging Process?

November/December 2007
Carved in Sand: When Attention Fails and Memory Fades in Midlife. An aging Boomer goes on a voyage of discovery about her own mind.

In Consultation

Positive Aging - A new paradigm for growing old

May/June 2007
How to continue to get the most out of life as you age.

When You're 64

You May Be Ready to Retire, But What About Mom and Dad?

July/August 2005
With the life expectancy of the elderly rising, today's Boomers, much maligned for their presumed selfishness, are facing a far more daunting challenge in taking care of their parents than their forebearers ever did.
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