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Brain to Brain

The talking cure goes beyond words

January/February 2010
As we learn more about the brain, it becomes apparent that therapists need to pay at least as much attention to the body and nervous system (both their own and their clients') as to the words, emotions, and meaning-making processes of the mind.

Journey to Rwanda

A therapist confronts the unthinkable

November/December 2008
Some years ago, Rwanda was the hellish scene of one of the most ferocious genocides in history. A therapist who traveled there reports on what it's like to confront the unthinkable.

From Intention to Action

Following through on a $50 impulse

November/December 2008
Each year, thousands of poor Nepalese girls "disappear" from their villages. On an impulse, an American therapist winds up devoting himself to ending these disappearances.

The Bridge

Facing disaster in your own backyard

November/December 2008
When disaster strikes close to home, the emotional shock waves make business as usual impossible for both therapists and clients.

Case Studies

Suddenly Strangers: Iraq War Vets, PTSD, and the Challenge of Relationship

January/February 2008
With tens of thousands of Iraq War vets with PTSD returning home, therapists increasingly face the challenge of helping them with their troubled marriages.

Crisis Land

A View From Inside A Behavioral Health Team

May/June 2007
Attending to clients' mental health issues as part of a behavioral health team can be both stressful and exhilarating.

Stairway to Heaven

Treating children in the crosshairs of trauma

March/April 2007
The tragic confrontation at Waco, Texas, in 1993 taught us much about what to do to help traumatized children, and perhaps even more about what not to do.

Editor's Note

January/February 2007
There are those who step beyond the usual comfort zone of therapeutic practice, at the risk of finding both their personal safety and their entire worldview being challenged. Such forays into the wider world force us to reconsider the nature of our work, what our responsibilities really are, and whether we're truly up to them. This issue on war-related trauma invites us to perceive the world on a scale much larger than the comfortable precincts of our own consulting rooms.
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Bringing the War Home

The Challenge of Helping Iraq War Vets

January/February 2007
Will all we've learned about treating combat stress and psychological trauma since Vietnam help us handle the tsunami of mental health problems the Iraq War is stirring up?

Creating a Culture of Healing

Recovering from Trauma in War-Ravaged Gaza

January/February 2007
A psychiatrist who's worked in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Israel leads a team of healthcare professionals into war-ravaged Gaza to see if Western healing methods can be transported into different cultures to help people deal with war-related trauma.
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