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Point Of View

Finding the Hero Within: Exploring the Link Between Trauma and Oppression

March/April 2013
Kenneth Hardy believes that the experience of trauma is too often unacknowledged by therapists struggling to help troubled minority youth.


Driven Crazy: TBI is Claiming the Hearts and Minds of Too Many Vets

January/February 2013
With the U.S. Army suicide rate at an all-time high, there’s a greater need than ever to understand the struggles of soldiers returning from war zones and trying to resume a normal life.

Reinventing Your Life

Finding Self-Renewal in the Himalayas

November/December 2012
Tens of thousands of miles away from his practice, a therapist accidentally discovers a new sense of purpose, unable to distinguish the act of giving from the act of love.

Connecting with the Shut-down Client

Helping A Combat Vet Face His Vulnerability

May/June 2012
Resonating with clients’ inner experience is key to working effectively with emotion in therapy. With traumatized and shutdown clients, however, it is easy to talk about, but extremely hard to do.

In Praise of Therapeutic Crying

Therapy’s Best Kept Secret

May/June 2012
Too many therapists today confuse the healing release of tears with the helpless despair triggered by reliving traumatizing memories in therapy.
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Case Study

The Anatomy of Self-Hatred: Learning to Love Our Loathed "Selves"

July/August 2012
With stalemated cases in which the task of self-acceptance feels impossible, the therapist needs to offer more than compassion and encouragement.

Clinician's Digest

Trauma Below and Above Ground

November/December 2011
- Chilean miners' long-term trauma - Training good therapists - The question of bullying


The Specter of the Big "C": A Modern Look at an Age-Old Malady

March/April 2011
A modern look at cancer treatment through the ages.

As the Twig Is Bent

Understanding the Health Implications of Early Life Trauma

September/October 2010
While it's common knowledge that childhood trauma can have far-reaching consequences for adult mental health, its impact on adult physical health is less obvious. Now a new study demonstrates an astonishing correlation between childhood maltreatment and a vast range of later-life illnesses.

The Puzzle of PTSD

Does the PTSD Diagnosis Do More Harm Than Good?

November/December 2010
Does the diagnosis of PTSD actually hamper therapists' ability to help combat veterans do the hard work of coming to terms with their war experiences?
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