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From Isolation To Connection

How to Create a Community of Practice

May/June 2011
A modest proposal about how to get out of your cubbyhole, enliven your conversations with others in the field, and experience a new kind of professional community.

Mapping The Future

Symposium 2011 Charts Terra Incognita

May/June 2011
Emerging from their monastic little cells, 3,000 psychotherapists had a schmooze-fest celebrating the power of face-to-face connection and joined forces to envision the future.

In Consultation

The Heart Speaks: Does Love Have a Role in Psychotherapy?

May/June 2011
Does love have a role in the therapeutic relationship?

Clinician's Digest

July/August 2011
- A game changer for therapy? - The impact of therapist skill on research trails - The illusion of therapeutic truths

In Consultation

First Impressions: Getting Off to the Right Start is Crucial in Therapy

January/February 2011
That first session with a new client can be crucial to the success or failure of treatment.


Misstating the Obvious: The Pitfalls of Doing What Comes Naturally

January/February 2011
While many therapists like to trust their intuition, research shows how often "gut instinct" can lead us astray.

The New Technologies of Change

21st Century Tools are Transforming Therapeutic Practice

September/October 2010
Advances in technology are challenging the idea that therapy must revolve around the traditional, face-to-face clinical encounter.

In Consultation

Therapy in the Round: Group Therapy Offers a Larger Arena for Change

November/December 2010
How the skills of the group therapist differ from those of the individually-oriented practitioner.

Hope in the Ruins

Helping the Survivors of the Haitian Earthquake

July/August 2010
A disaster-tested therapist, who's worked with the survivors of the Thai tsunami, the Sichuan earthquake, and the Rwanda genocide, offers an on-the-scene report from Haiti in the wake of its recent, unimaginably devastating earthquake.

Ultimate Questions

A Therapist Confronts Her Own Magical Thinking

May/June 2009
A client's unexpected announcement makes a therapist confront her illusions of invulnerability.
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