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Psychotherapy At The Crossroads

A New Vision of Integrative Mental Health

January/February 2012
An alternative to the old talking cure is expanding the knowledge base of psychotherapy as we recognize the role that exercise, nutrition, spirituality, mind-body approaches, and lifestyle can play in enhancing our clinical effectiveness.

Point Of View

Learning How to Learn: Communities of Practice can reveal new paths to excellenc

January/February 2012
While therapists often lead quite isolated professional lives, social-learning theorist Etienne Wenger has shown how a community of practice is perhaps the crucial ingredient in the development of a skilled clinician.

Point Of View

The Alphabet Soup: Diana Fosha on the Convergence in Today’s Therapies

September/October 2011

Diana Fosha talks about why so many acronymic therapies---ADEP, DBT, IFS, ACT---resemble each other, and what that says about the therapy field today.

Case Study

The Five “A’s” of Transformation: The Enneagram as a Clinical Tool

November/December 2011
The Enneagram and the 5 A’s of transformation.

Point Of View

Our Potential for Good: Altruism as an Evolutionary Imperative

November/December 2011

Psychologist Darcher Keltner believes that underestimating our capacity for altruism does human nature a disservice.

Editor's Note

May/June 2011

The Road To Mastery

What’s Missing from this Picture?

May/June 2011
Therapists usually enter the field because they’re drawn to it and have innate capacities to do the work. But whether they excel depends largely on their professional community. Unfortunately, current psychotherapy practice doesn’t foster excellence as much as mediocrity, inertia, and an intense fear of change.

Building A Culture Of Excellence

Anatomy of an Agency that Works

May/June 2011
We all have stories about the bureaucracies that stifle clinical creativity and seem to exist primarily to generate meaningless paperwork. Here’s a tale about a community agency that actually works, and how it got that way.

What Therapists Want

It’s Certainly Not Money or Fame!

May/June 2011
A close-up look at a 20-year, multinational study that captures the heart of therapists’ aspirations---and perhaps the soul of our professional identity.

Opening The Path

From What Is to What Can Be

May/June 2011
Down for the count, a therapist again discovers that even the most hopeless sessions can have a positive outcome if you stay with the process.

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