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Editor's Note

January/February 2019
In this issue, we hear from therapists who are moving beyond the confines of their offices to work with traumatized communities with enormous needs and few resources for healing. These therapists aren’t superheroes, but their stories challenge us to confront the question of what each of us might offer if we decided to refocus our energies and commitments.
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Creating a Web of Connection

Therapists in Search of Community

January/February 2019
Therapists are always on the lookout for new approaches and techniques. But in a profession with alarming rates of burnout and professional isolation, the best way to improve outcomes may be less about what therapists offer clients and more about what they can offer each other.
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In Consultation

The Accidental Sex Therapist: Helping Clients Get “Dumb and Happy”

January/February 2019
You may not be a certified sex therapist, but that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from helping clients with their sexual issues.

Claiming Center Stage

From Symposium Storytelling Evening 2019

May/June 2019
"Night after night, I’d wait for my father to shout, 'Who’s it gonna be, folks? Who’ll be the lucky girl to come on down and ride the elephant tonight?'”

In Consultation

When to Speak Up: Handling Microagressions in Therapy

September/October 2019
What to do about addressing microaggressions in therapy.
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In Search of the Perfect Office

A Therapist Moves On Up

November/December 2019
Our offices don’t make people well, but they extend an invitation. They provide a comforting consistency in the midst of hard, often unsettling work. So a therapist’s office—no matter what it looks like—will absolutely never be “just an office.”
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In Search of New Ideas

My Evolution as a Therapist

January/February 2020
A therapist reflects on a key lesson from his long career: clients don’t necessarily need new answers to their questions—they need new questions.

The Sabbatical

Discovering My Self on a Car Lot

January/February 2020
After an unusual break from practice, a burnt-out young clinician learns to finally feel at home in the therapist’s chair.

Meet You in McGinnis Meadows

Lessons in Attunement

January/February 2020
What horsemanship can teach us about making sure our clients feel seen, heard, and helped.

The Path to Clinical Confidence

More Training Isn't Always the Answer

March/April 2020
Research shows that confidence isn’t always tied to skills, ability, capacity, or even higher intelligence. So what does make us feel self-assured in our therapeutic roles, and what’s the role of clinical confidence in the outcome of psychotherapy?
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