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Bungee Families

You Can Go Home Again

September/October 2009
While some warn that the conveyor belt that once transported adolescents into adulthood has broken down, other insist the increasing number of adult children living at home is less about dysfunction than the changing function of family life today.

Foot on the Gas, Foot on the Brake

Helping Families Move Past Their Developmental Stalemates

September/October 2009
20 years ago, Jay Haley's classic Leaving Home offered a clinical blueprint for successfully launching young adults toward self-sufficiency. In today's brave new economy, it's time to rethink howto help families move past their developmental stalemates.

Hello, Good-bye

Boomers Are Discovering The Joys and Sorrows of Grandparenthood

September/October 2009
As the boomers discover the joys and sorrows of becoming grandparents, they're putting their own generational stamp on a role that's as ancient as parenthood.

Family Matters

The Tantrum: "I can't, I won't, I hate it. . . . Okay, now I'm ready"

November/December 2009
A new grandmother, recalling the trembling fury of her own childhood, weathers a grandson's tantrum.

Family Matters

Going Home Again: A late-life lesson in love

September/October 2008
Watching our aging parents struggle confronts us with some difficult lessons in late-life love.

Family Matters

The Grandma Mantra: A guide to keeping peace in the family

November/December 2008
It's the wise grandparent who knows how to avoid the potential tug-of-war over who knows most about bringing up children.

In Consultation

Tapping into Strengths - A systems approach to resilience

May/June 2008
Contrary to popular opinion, resilience isn't so much an innate quality as a feature of human connectedness.

Refeathering the Nest

From Dutiful Daughter to Self-Aware Caregiver

September/October 2007
When families become stressed by a member's long-term care needs, it's easy to continue the usual relationship patterns and perpetuate long-standing resentments. But sometimes it's possible to learn new ways of being and interacting.

Caring for the Caregiver

6 Tips

September/October 2007
Those who care for ailing family members often are undertaking a marathon, not a sprint.

Too Much Information

Field Notes from the Genetics Frontier

May/June 2007
As genomic science is increasingly able to map our future, therapists must help families make difficult decisions.
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