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In Consultation

From Estrangement to Engagement

November/December 2011
Helping Fathers and Daughters Connect

Case Study

From Conflict to Alliance: A road map for family interventions

May/June 2011
There's no substitute for a clear clinical model that can guide you through the therapeutic change process.

Family Matters

Lost, and Found: Rediscovering a Subterranean Kingdom of Memories

May/June 2011
Reconnecting with old memories in a father's special place.

Unhappy Endings

Death as Technology’s Slave

July/August 2011
A perverse set of financial incentives within the medical system too often leads to the promotion of maximum treatment, no matter what. When this happens, patients and families may no longer be the beneficiaries of the war on sudden death, becoming its victims.


Each of Us Owes the Universe a Death

July/August 2011

In a very dark corner of each of our minds is a voice that says, “I’m going to die. One day, I’m going to die.” How we react to this voice determines how we live our lives.

Family Matters

Bottom of the Ninth

July/August 2011
In every love relationship, there are words that best remain unspoken.

In Consultation

Doing What's Best for Mom and Dad: Helping Contentious Siblings Find Common Cause

September/October 2010
A parent's failing health can stir up a hornet's nest of trouble among adult siblings.

Therapy in the Danger Zone

Breaking the cycle of family trauma

March/April 2010
There's no more emotionally demanding work than that with an incestuous family. A therapist offers an uncensored look at the fear, loathing, and fascination of the struggle to help a family emerge from the transgenerational legacy of abuse.

Family Matters

Tough Love: They Don't Make Fathers Like They Used To

March/April 2010
Fond memories of an old-fashioned father who believed in practicing tough love with his fists.

Vertically Challenged

Treating the Nonhierarchical Family

September/October 2009
Parenting and childhood today often seem to have more in common with abstract expressionism than with Norman Rockwell. But is this transformation of the nature of family norms and values such a bad thing?
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