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Family Matters

Louder than Words: The Unspoken Code of Fathers and Sons

January/February 2014
A Bruce Springsteen song helps crack the unspoken code of father–son communication.


Love and Terror: Penetrating the Heart of Evil

November/December 2013

Pilgrim's Wilderness

A new book examines how one man, under the guise of religious faith, kept his family isolated in a world of abuse and brutality, and how another family broke boundaries to help them escape.

Family Matters

Desperate Love: A Father Faces an Impossible Choice

May/June 2013
With his son’s freedom hanging in the balance, a father must decide whether to give the gift of forgiveness one more time.


Testing the Bond: What's family without shared identity?

March/April 2013

Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity

In an encyclopedic new book, Andrew Solomon explores how parents and children forge emotional bonds with one another in the presence of sometimes vast inborn differences.

Case Study

Being Meryl Streep: Learning to Distinguish Behavior from Identity

November/December 2012
A therapist uses a Hollywood analogy to help a client learn an important lesson about distinguishing behavior from identity.

Family Matters

"Tweenitis": Mastering the art of ‘gruntology’

May/June 2012
The father of an 11-year-old struggles to master the language of gruntology.

Editor's Note

Kids These Days

January/February 2012
The old compact between family and society—each doing its part to protect and promote the whole—seems to be badly strained, if not flat-out broken. Thus, the semi-facetious question on our cover, “Are Parents Obsolete?” alludes to deadly serious challenges not just to parents, but to the entire institution of parenting itself.
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Brain-Based Parenting

What Neuroscience is Teaching Us About Connecting With Our Kids

January/February 2012
Our growing understanding of attachment and the processes that shape the parenting brain are opening new possibilities for helping stressed-out parents who are turned off to their own children.

Case Study

Beyond Clinical Correctness: Unearthing the logic of the client’s solution

January/February 2012
An understanding of the unconventional ways people demonstrate resilience is important in helping us avoid pathologizing clients and stop believing there’s only one clinically “correct” way to help them.


A Bond Like None Other: Sometimes proximity isn’t the same as closeness

January/February 2012
Exploring the complex fabric of an often poorly understood family bond that shapes us, in one way or another, throughout our lives.
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