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Family Matters

Whose Mom Is It Anyway? Learning to Love My Mother’s Caregiver

May/June 2022
A daughter’s resentment gives way to a lesson in unconditional love.
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Point of View

Breaking the Silence on Postpartum Stress: How Therapists Can Help

July/August 2022
Author Karen Kleiman argues that postpartum distress is normal—and should be normalized more in our society.

Family Matters

Letting Edin Go: A Mother Makes a Wrenching Decision

July/August 2022
The weight of whether to put a child in a group home.
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Case Study

"Why Won’t You Like Sports?" The Father–Son Struggle with Gender Expectations

September/October 2022
As young people move forward with new, more flexible frameworks for thinking about gender, it’s not always easy to bring parents along.
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