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Mondays With My Girls

Lessons in Being Real

July/August 2019
A group of preteen girls in a long-term shelter teach a budding therapist some unexpected lessons about the true meaning of resilience and the power of relationship.
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In Search of the Perfect Office

A Therapist Moves On Up

November/December 2019
Our offices don’t make people well, but they extend an invitation. They provide a comforting consistency in the midst of hard, often unsettling work. So a therapist’s office—no matter what it looks like—will absolutely never be “just an office.”
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Walk and Talk

Psychotherapy Takes a Stroll

November/December 2019
What if a park bench was your waiting room, and nature your co-therapist? A growing group of practitioners, who stroll with their clients not just every once in a while, but for most every session, see special benefits in conducting sessions outdoors.
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Family Matters

The Family Album: Growing Up in the Shadow of Depression

November/December 2019
A troubled father casts a mysterious shadow over a little girl’s world.

Family Matters

Hold My Hand: Calming the Little Girl Inside Me

January/February 2020
A recently divorced mother learns to confront a lifelong fear on her own.

United in Uncertainty

A Technophobic Therapist and Covid-19

May/June 2020
A technophobic therapist struggles with a new professional reality.

Tales from the Therapy Room

Our Annual Storytelling Feature!

May/June 2020
Five therapists recall the up-against-the-wall moments from practice that required them to toss away the usual clinical playbook.
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Meeting the Moment

The Importance of Risk in Therapy

July/August 2020
The therapist’s office is a zone of creative adventure and unpredictability, where the most powerful moments often come out of the blue.


How Teletherapy Changed My Life and My Practice

November/December 2020
The pandemic has showed us just how much our clients need us—and how much we need to tend to ourselves. For some therapists, this has meant reimagining their entire practice.

Family Matters

The Unbearable Heaviness of Being: Learning to Celebrate a New Shape

November/December 2020
Refusing to be defined by others can sometimes require an unexpected catalyst.
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