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Kids These Days

January/February 2012
The old compact between family and society—each doing its part to protect and promote the whole—seems to be badly strained, if not flat-out broken. Thus, the semi-facetious question on our cover, “Are Parents Obsolete?” alludes to deadly serious challenges not just to parents, but to the entire institution of parenting itself.
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The Decline And Fall Of Parental Authority

and What Therapists Can Do About It

January/February 2012
American parents today face a perfect storm of cultural and social circumstances that undermine the very foundations of parental authority. In response, mothers and fathers are beginning to see therapists as irrelevant and to challenge the entire social, educational, and economic context of childrearing.
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The Parent Circle

Tapping the Wisdom of True Experts

January/February 2012
Traditional approaches to helping parents too often fail to address their profound sense of disempowerment and frustration. It’s time to find new ways to help mothers and fathers develop supportive communities outside of therapy.

Brain-Based Parenting

What Neuroscience is Teaching Us About Connecting With Our Kids

January/February 2012
Our growing understanding of attachment and the processes that shape the parenting brain are opening new possibilities for helping stressed-out parents who are turned off to their own children.

Case Study

Beyond Clinical Correctness: Unearthing the logic of the client’s solution

January/February 2012
An understanding of the unconventional ways people demonstrate resilience is important in helping us avoid pathologizing clients and stop believing there’s only one clinically “correct” way to help them.

In Consultation

Doing What's Best for Mom and Dad: Helping Contentious Siblings Find Common Cause

September/October 2010
A parent's failing health can stir up a hornet's nest of trouble among adult siblings.

Family Matters

Sweet Surrender: Ice Cream, Fatherhood, and the Meaning of Life

September/October 2010
A tale about fatherhood and the pleasures of ice cream.

Family Matters

Listening to Your Heart: Sometimes Life's Greatest Gifts are Disguised as Disappointments

November/December 2010
A mother deals with the news that her child will have a lifelong impairment.

Brain to Brain

The talking cure goes beyond words

January/February 2010
As we learn more about the brain, it becomes apparent that therapists need to pay at least as much attention to the body and nervous system (both their own and their clients') as to the words, emotions, and meaning-making processes of the mind.


The Age of the Über–Parent: Can science really help us raise better adjusted kids?

January/February 2010
Can science really help us raise better-adjusted kids?
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