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Any Day Above Ground

After Recovery, What Then?

January/February 2008

Hello, Darkness

Discovering our values by confronting our fears

September/October 2007

The Precarious Present

Why is it So Hard to Stay in the Moment?

November/December 2006

Appointments With Yourself

Don't Mistake Your Schedule for your Life

November/December 2006

A Week of Silence

Quieting the Mind and Liberating the Self

November/December 2006

A Quiet Revolution

Therapists are learning a new way to be with their clients

January/February 2008

The Soul of Relationship

Where Self and Other Meet

January/February 2008

Editor's Note

The Mindfulness Binge/Minding Mindfulness

September/October 2011
I first became aware that there was such a thing as meditation as part of my immersion in the cascade of mind-body-spirit esoterica unleashed by the human potential movement back in the early ’70s.
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West Meets East

Creating a New Wisdom Tradition

September/October 2011

As mindfulness practices work their way into the psychotherapeutic mainstream, we’re starting to ask more clinically sophisticated questions...

Suggesting Mindfulness

Awakening the Hypnotist Within

September/October 2011

As a clinical intervention, mindfulness is best understood by stripping away its aura of mystical spirituality and understanding the crucial role suggestion plays in the change process.

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