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A Week of Silence

Quieting the Mind and Liberating the Self

November/December 2006
How would it feel to sit completely still for a week, not communicating with anyone, just tuning in to the seemingly chaotic jumble of your own thoughts? A neuropsychiatrist takes us along on the ups, downs, and surprising twists of his journey into mindfulness.

Being There

The Dalai Lama Gets Buddhism and Neuroscience to Go Face to Face

January/February 2006
In Washington, D.C., this fall, the Dalai Lama brought together a distinguished group of contemplatives and world-class scientists to explore the links between stress, health, and meditation. The result was a sometimes laborious, sometimes luminous conversation that suggested that spirituality and science may not be so irreconcilable after all.

Bringing Mindfulness to Your Practice

When meditation helps . . . and when it doesn't

July/August 2005

Q: I'm interested in integrating meditation into my psychotherapy practice. What's the best way of doing this, and are there situations in which meditation can be

The Power of Paying Attention

What Jon Kabat Zinn Has Against "Spirituality"

November/December 2004
In this Networker interview, Jon Kabat-Zinn, one of the pioneers of mind-body medicine, discusses common misconceptions about meditation and why "spirituality" is one of his least favorite words.

Enlightenment Reframed

When East Meets West in the Consulting Room

May/June 2004
Until recently, our understanding of "enlightenment" has been shrouded in spiritual hero worship. But we're beginning to see it as a thoroughly natural development that can emerge for different people in different ways, whether they consider themselves spiritual or not, and sometimes even during the course of psychotherapy.

Bringing the Mystery Back Home

A Lesson from the Kalahari

July/August 2004
A Kalahari shaman teaches a follower of a far less ancient Western healing tradition a thing or two about the limits of explanation and rationality.

The Limits of Talk

Bessel Van der Kolk Wants to Transform the Treatment of Trauma

January/February 2004
For more than 20 years, Bessel van der Kolk has been in the forefront of research in the psychobiology of trauma and in the quest for more effective treatments. Now he's touched off an intense debate about the role of scientific evidence in finding ways to alleviate suffering and the future of the traditional talking cure itself.

Mastering Mindfullness

Slowing Down and Opening Up

November/December 1995
The attitude of mindfulness holds the therapist right up against his or her growing edge.

Loving Our Devices

When Does Attraction Turn into Addiction?

July/August 2017
More and more therapists, regardless of how they feel about internet addiction as a diagnosis, are advising clients about the healthy use of their digital devices.


Beyond Illusion

November/December 2017
Review: Why Buddhism Is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment
Exploring contemplative practice may not be for everyone.
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