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The Soul of Relationship

Where Self and Other Meet

January/February 2008
Making "contact" with our partner means first recognizing a subtle inner substrate where we encounter everything from boredom to anxiety to sexual interest to outright rage...and more.

A Week of Silence

Quieting the Mind and Liberating the Self

November/December 2006
How would it feel to sit completely still for a week, not communicating with anyone, just tuning in to the seemingly chaotic jumble of your own thoughts? A neuropsychiatrist takes us along on the ups, downs, and surprising twists of his journey into mindfulness.

Appointments With Yourself

Don't Mistake Your Schedule for your Life

November/December 2006
The search for the elusive experience of being "in the moment" isn't as complicated as you think. All it takes is a cup of tea, a walk, a question, a blessing, and a bit of appreciation.

The Precarious Present

Why is it So Hard to Stay in the Moment?

November/December 2006
All of us ruminate, bringing up the cud of old, unresolved problems. But far from being idle mind chatter, most of these mental distractions are actually the brain's attempt to protect us from the prospect of mortal danger.

Any Day Above Ground

After Recovery, What Then?

January/February 2008
Letting go of our childlike fascination with the promise of the future is one of the hardest challenges of truly being in the moment.

Hello, Darkness

Discovering Our Values by Confronting Our Fears

September/October 2007
Learning to accept our fears as guideposts to who we really want to be.

Inside the Heart of Healing

When Moment-to-Moment Awareness Isn't Enough

September/October 2015
As the mindfulness movement sweeps through our field, many therapists are discovering that traditional contemplative practices grounded in detached self-observation have limits. When we’re overwhelmed with intense and disturbing emotions, just observing moment-to-moment experience is often not enough.
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Facing Our Dark Side

Some Forms of Self-Compassion Are Harder than Others

September/October 2015
Achieving a genuine state of self-compassion is a more challenging undertaking than many realize. Far from a little feel-better incantation you offer yourself when stressed, it’s a journey into multiple parts of yourself that may include the good, the bad, the ugly, the confused, the frightened, and the abandoned.
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The Colors of Tomorrow

Highlights From Symposium 2015

May/June 2015
After a brutal winter that would’ve given Ernest Shackleton pause, more than 3,700 therapists welcomed the opportunity to escape cabin fever, get out of the house, and greet spring at the 38th annual Psychotherapy Networker Symposium. What follows are some of the highlights from this year’s exploration of the clinical innovations, scientific advances, and technological developments shaping the future of our field.
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In Consultation

Seven Myths about Meditation: A one-size approach doesn’t fit all

March/April 2015
Seven myths about meditation for clinicians to ponder.
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