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Recipe For Life

Is Attuned Eating the Answer to Diet Failure?

January/February 2011
Despite the common cultural notion that anyone can successfully lose weight---constantly reinforced by the $60 billion-a-year diet industry---at least 95 percent of dieters regain lost pounds. Here's an alternative approach to weight control.

In Consultation

Take a Breath: Using Yoga to Create a Sense of Well-Being in Your Office

March/April 2010
A variety of easy-to-use yogic breathing techniques can add a new dimension to treatment with depressed and anxious clients.

Brain to Brain

The talking cure goes beyond words

January/February 2010
As we learn more about the brain, it becomes apparent that therapists need to pay at least as much attention to the body and nervous system (both their own and their clients') as to the words, emotions, and meaning-making processes of the mind.

Case Studies

Educating Theresa: Sometimes therapy means total commitment

January/February 2010
Treating depression requires a commitment to working with mind, body, and spirit.

Finding the Pulse

Lived Experience in Psychotherapy

January/February 2009
Helping clients to fully live their lives often means inviting them to notice how their bodies are contradicting what their psyches are telling them.

When Illness Moves In

Helping Couples Process the Trauma of Sickness

May/June 2007
The phrase "in sickness and in health" is a hallowed part of our marriage vows for good reason. As human beings vulnerable to a wide variety of diseases and infirmities, we need to know at the deepest level that our partners or spouses will stick around even when our bodies betray us, as they will eventually. And yet, even though we generally agree that abandoning an ailing partner is unacceptable, we don't really appreciate how high a toll a serious medical problem can take on a relationship.

Creating a Culture of Healing

Recovering from Trauma in War-Ravaged Gaza

January/February 2007
A psychiatrist who's worked in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Israel leads a team of healthcare professionals into war-ravaged Gaza to see if Western healing methods can be transported into different cultures to help people deal with war-related trauma.

Case Study

Like a Ghost - Using EMDR to Revive a Traumatized Vet’s Marriage

January/February 2007
EMDR helps a young Irag War vet and his wife emerge from the nightmare of his war experience.

Facing Our Worst Fears

Finding the Courage to Stay in the Moment

November/December 2006
A therapist helps his anxious clients discover that be not resisting what the present moment offers, they can find a way out of their suffering.

The Precarious Present

Why is it So Hard to Stay in the Moment?

November/December 2006
All of us ruminate, bringing up the cud of old, unresolved problems. But far from being idle mind chatter, most of these mental distractions are actually the brain's attempt to protect us from the prospect of mortal danger.
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