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Bad Couples Therapy

Betting Past the Myth of Therapist Neutrality

November/December 2002

When Three Threatens Two

Must Parenthood Bring Down the Curtain on Romance?

September/October 2006

Are You There for Me?

Understanding the Foundations of Couples Conflict

September/October 2006

The Art and Science of Love

Can the Gottmans Bring Empirical Rigor to the Intuitive World of Couples Therapy?

September/October 2006

It Takes One to Tango

You Don't Need Both Partners to Do Couples Therapy

September/October 1998

Scoreboard for Couples Therapy

Which Are the Winners in the Latest Research?

September/October 2006

In Consultation

Love and Money: Couples Finances

July/August 2011
In these tough economic times, how do therapists distinguish between money troubles related to the recession and those that have psychological roots?

Point Of View

A Match Made on Earth

July/August 2011
Neil Clark Warren, the founder of the successful matchmaking site eHarmony, talks about what’s necessary to find a good, compatible match.

Family Matters

Bottom of the Ninth

July/August 2011
In every love relationship, there are words that best remain unspoken.

Editor's Note

The Gritty, Hot-Blooded Work of Couples Therapy

November/December 2011
This issue’s contributors aren’t just convinced that therapists should do more couples therapy, but that risk-taking and turning up the heat in the therapy room is the key to having real therapeutic impact with couples.
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