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Heart of the Matter

Helping Couples Find Their Sexual Chemistry

November/December 2009
Whether they know it or not, what most people are looking for in sex therapy isn't so much a change in specific behaviors as a way of developing a more rewarding couple sexual style.

Why Him? Why Her?

A Massive Internet Survey Proposes and Answer to An Age-Old Question

May/June 2009
An ambitious empirical study oh how biological temperament steers people toward a particular personality type as a romantic partner offers the prospect of unraveling one of the oldest human mysteries.

You Say Tomato...

Or How I Learned to See Every Couple as the Odd Couple

May/June 2009
Too often couples make contrasts in temperament into negative stories about how their partner won't change. Could it just be that every couple is The Odd Couple?

Case Studies

Male-Friendly Couples Counseling: Finding love beyond words

March/April 2009
To do successful couples therapy, it's crucial to understand how to make our methods more male-friendly.

The Tao of Improv

Embracing life on the edge

January/February 2009
Improvisational theater offers a unique way of approaching relationships—and psychotherapy—that's generous rather than closed, support rather than competitive, organic rather than scripted.

Case Study

Fantasy in Couples Therapy: Is encouraging sexual fantasies playing with fire?

November/December 2008
Many therapists assume that if they help couples improve their relationships, the improvement will naturally lead to a rewarding erotic life. But what if helping couples create a satisfying erotic life is the key to increasing their feelings of companionship and mutual connection, not the other way around?

Divorcing Well

Bringing Buddhist Practice to Divorce Counseling

May/June 2008
While the death of a marriage is undoubtedly painful, it doesn't have to be pathological. Buddhism can offer the concrete guidance to help even the most intransigently hostile spouses cultivate a spirit of generosity and compassion toward their ex-partners.

In Consultation

The Economics of Romance: Pre-nups and other dirty words

July/August 2008
Prenuptials may seem unromantic and focused on worst-case scenarios, but they can clarify critical issues and avoid problems down the road.

Case Studies

Eros and Aging: Is good enough sex right for you?

July/August 2008
Despite marketing blitz, Viagra hasn't turned out to be the neat remedy for erectile dysfunction for men over 50 that was promised. Can therapists offer aging couples more enduring help as they proceed through the life cycle?

The Soul of Relationship

Where Self and Other Meet

January/February 2008
Making "contact" with our partner means first recognizing a subtle inner substrate where we encounter everything from boredom to anxiety to sexual interest to outright rage...and more.
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