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Case Study

Stop the Merry-Go-Round: Strategies for Angry Couples

November/December 2010
While partners caught in the anger merry-go-round invariably blame the other, both typically pass the anger back and forth like a shared virus.

Lions Without a Cause

Men's animal instincts don't fit the modern world

May/June 2010
Let's face it: love means something quite different to men and women. A look at other species of social mammals offers some remarkable insights into the biological underpinnings of this difference.

The New Monogamy

How Far Should We Go?

July/August 2010
Whether we like it or not, today's couples feel far less encumbered by the legal, social, and moral strictures of traditional marriage and its obligations. Increasing numbers are negotiating what they mean by "fidelity" and how they wish to define monogamy in their relationship.

Foreign Affairs

Infidelity Has Different Meanings In Different Cultures

July/August 2010
My Parisian colleague was shocked to learn that American therapists typically encourage couples not only to confess their affairs, but also to share the details.

After the Storm

The Affair In Retrospect

July/August 2010
As therapists, we have an unquenchable desire to find happy ending for troubled clients, especially those weathering the crisis of infidelity. But what happens months or years later to those couples once our work with has concluded.

Case Study

The Mindful Swimmer: Staying Afloat in the Rough Seas of Relationship

July/August 2010
Mindfulness offers tools for navigating the stormy seas of a troubled relationship.

In Consultation

Old Habits Die Hard: Making couples therapy stick

January/February 2010
It's one thing to make change happen in a couples session; it's quick another to make those changes tick over time.

In Consultation

Beyond Right and Wrong: Teaching Couples How To Embrace Fair-Mindedness

September/October 2009
What do issues of fairness and relational justice have to do with psychotherapy?

Case Studies

Learning Forgiveness: Peacemaking Skills For Couples

September/October 2009
Given that most couples never manage to change each other very much, teaching them to forgive each other's imperfections is a vastly underutilized therapeutic resource.

Depathologizing Porn

Why Can't It Be Just an Acceptable Diversion?

November/December 2009
Open porn use introduces a relational question that most couples never face: how to live with the knowledge that your partner's erotic fantasy-world often doesn't include you.
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