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In Consultation

Beyond the Diet Mentality: Empowering Clients Through Attuned Eating

July/August 2010
Attuned eating can take people beyond the dead end of the diet mentality.

Case Studies

Educating Theresa: Sometimes therapy means total commitment

January/February 2010
Treating depression requires a commitment to working with mind, body, and spirit.

Stopping for Joshua Bell

March/April 2009
We hunger for moments that are complete in themselves and stand apart from the habit-bound trance in which we live. Nothing is more important in our lives than discovering how to turn our minutes into moments.

Case Studies

Reversing Chronic Pain: Ten steps to reduce suffering

July/August 2009
More and more chronic pain patients are being referred to therapists after their physicians conclude that they show every appearance of being healed.

Our Serotonin, Our Selves?

Can the Brains of the Dead Give Hope to the Living?

September/October 2008
A project studying the brains of people who committed suicide raises basic questions about how much brain chemicals control our lives and what control is left is to us.

Sleepless in America

Making it Through the Night in a Wired World

March/April 2008
If a vast conspiracy were afoot to create an entire civilization of insomniacs, it would operate pretty much the way our society does now. In a nonstop, globalized economy, sleep is a useless occupation, taking up precious time that might better be spent on producing, buying, and selling.


Making Darkness Our Friend Again

March/April 2008
Our widespread fear of and disregard for darkness—both literal and figurative—may be the most overlooked factor in the contemporary epidemic of sleep disorders.


When Work Become Your Second Home

March/April 2008
Relentless stress in the high-tech workplace of the 21st century is taking an unprecedented toll on our emotional lives and our capacity to wind down at the end of the day. At the same time, too many therapists fail to address workplace issues in the consulting room.

Finding Daylight

Mindful Recovery from Depression

January/February 2008
There's increasing evidence that mindfulness helps depressed people fight relapse.

Family Matters

Run with It!: Redefining the Comfort Zone

January/February 2008
A woman recovering from cancer develops a new sense of her body and her comfort zone.
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