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Editor's Note

Eating To Live, Not Living To Eat

January/February 2011

Chew Wisely

The Joy of Playing With Your Food

January/February 2011
Remember as a kid being scrupulously taught that eating was a serious business that brooked no nonsense? A lifetime later, this author discovered that---as with so many other life lessons---his mother was totally wrong.

I Think, Therefore I Eat

Skills for Successful Dieting

January/February 2011
From the viewpoint of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, the reason that dieters so frequently fail to stick to their healthy eating plans is simple: knowing what to do and knowing how to get yourself to do it are two entirely different skills.

It's Not About The Food

The Truth About Eating Disorders

January/February 2011
The key to working effectively with eating disorders is understanding that starving, bingeing, and purging aren't simply bad habits. For treatment to work, it must get beyond the focus on negative behavior to grasp the emotional cycle of disordered eating.


Possessed by Our Possessions: Hoarding as Pathology and Metaphor

September/October 2010
Hoarding is not only an individual pathology, but a metaphor for our consumption-crazed culture.

The Case for Energy Psychology

Snake oil or therapeutic power tool?

November/December 2010
A wizened, seen-it-all psychologist describes how he came to embrace an approach that much of the orthodox psychotherapy world considers the latest incarnation of snake oil.

Deconstructing Depression

A Therapeutic Road Map for Effective Treatment

November/December 2010
Depression is an ill-defined diagnosis encompassing conditions with a variety of underlying causes. Recognizing different forms of depression is the key to initiating effective treatment.

Point of View

Telling It Like It Is: Donald Meichenbaum Doesn't Mince Words

November/December 2010
Long an acerbic critic of the trendy and faddish, Don Meichenbaum, one of the founders of CBT, is still determined to separate myth from reality in the world of psychotherapy.

In Consultation

Take a Breath: Using Yoga to Create a Sense of Well-Being in Your Office

March/April 2010
A variety of easy-to-use yogic breathing techniques can add a new dimension to treatment with depressed and anxious clients.


Glorious Food: Ambivalence and Guilt Take Up a Lot of Space at Today's Dinner Tables

March/April 2010
Never before has the simple act of eating been so fraught with ethical, spiritual, and psychological issues.
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