July/August 2012

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Nothing Personal . . . It’s the Rules

July/August 2012
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Yesterday’s Ethics Vs. Today’s Realities

Boundaries in an Age of Informality

July/August 2012
As the status of therapist has shifted from an oversized figure with Svengali-like powers to an overworked and underpaid service provider at the mercy of the client-consumer...
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Therapeutic Ethics In The Digital Age

When the Whole World is Watching

July/August 2012
The revolution in communication technology has created a new set of ethical dilemmas, which are invading our sessions, whether we know it or not.

Therapist Self-Disclosure

Think Before You Get Personal

July/August 2012
The ways we disclose, read cues from our clients, and dialogue about what’s been divulged are the keys to whether therapist self-disclosure helps clients’ therapeutic goals or gets in the way.

Psychotherapy and The Law

Two Practical Perspectives

July/August 2012
A therapist–lawyer on what most often gets clinicians in trouble with the law and everything you need to know about the duty to report, to warn—and more.

The Art of Hanging-In There

A Hospice Social Worker’s Take on Inside Curveballs

July/August 2012
When something is coming at you that may cause pain or self-doubt, it’s natural to want to duck.

Clinician's Digest

The Partisan Personality

July/August 2012
Psychologists are increasingly exploring the political arena, examining not just the ideological differences, but also the numerous factors--temperamental, developmental, biological, and situational--that contribute to the formation and maintenance of partisan political beliefs.

In Consultation

What If Your Mobile Device Went Missing? The Importance of Tracking our Technologies

July/August 2012
Ever consider what would happen if your portable device---chock full of information about your clients---went missing?

Case Study

The Anatomy of Self-Hatred: Learning to Love Our Loathed "Selves"

July/August 2012
With stalemated cases in which the task of self-acceptance feels impossible, the therapist needs to offer more than compassion and encouragement.

Point Of View

Irvin Yalom on Psychotherapy as Craft: Looking Back to Move Forward

July/August 2012
In an age when all eyes seem constantly riveted on the Next Big Thing, celebrated therapist-novelist Irvin Yalom takes a different approach.


Resisting the Culture of Extroversion: Stop, Look, and Listen!

July/August 2012
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

A new book about the power of keeping your mouth shut provides a much-needed corrective to our cultural enchantment with extroversion.

Family Matters

Not All Families are Related by Blood: Mozart Redux

July/August 2012
Not all families are related by blood.
July/August 2012
Ethics in the Digital Age
Where do we set the boundaries?