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Falling in Love Again

A Brief History of Psychoactive Drugs

July/August 2014
Over the last 150 years, we’ve seen waves of mass infatuations with psychotropic drugs—antidepressants being the latest. While all these drugs are different, their story arc seems to follow a predictable course.
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The Debate Over DSM-5: A Step Backward

A Step Backward: An Interview with Allen Frances

March/April 2014
As the man responsible for the previous edition, the foremost critic of DSM-5 is perhaps the last person you’d expect to trash this latest, biggest version.
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Clinician's Digest

Psychotherapy and the Affordable Care Act * Ecstasy in the Consulting Room

January/February 2014

Our Serotonin, Our Selves?

Can the Brains of the Dead Give Hope to the Living?

September/October 2008
A project studying the brains of people who committed suicide raises basic questions about how much brain chemicals control our lives and what control is left is to us.

Clinician's Digest

January/February 2007
A More Powerful Antidepressant * Identifying the more discredited therapies * Assessing Childhood-Obesity Prevention * Evaluating antipsychotic meds * Treatment for chronic fatigue symdrome * Internet porn
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