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Case Study

It’s Not about the Diet: Building a healthy relationship with food

September/October 2015
Too often both clinicians and clients fall into the trap of pursuing weight loss as a therapeutic goal.


Getting Over Weight? A Critic of our Cultural Obsession Goes Too Far

May/June 2015

Review of Body of Truth: How Science, History, and Culture Drive Our Obsession with Weight—And What We Can Do About It

A critic of one of our central cultural obsessions goes too far.

Point of View

Brain Imaging and Psychotherapy: Why is it so controversial?

May/June 2014
For nearly 20 years, psychiatrist Daniel Amen has led a controversial crusade to make brain imaging an accepted part of psychotherapeutic practice.

In Consultation

Beyond Lip Service: Confronting Our Prejudices Against Higher-Weight Clients

March/April 2014
Therapists should not only be aware of their prejudices toward higher-weight clients, but should commit themselves to challenge those attitudes as well.

Case Study

Whose Therapy Is It Anyway? When Your Client Is Uncommitted to Change

March/April 2014
When we find ourselves haunted by a particular case, it may mean that we’re more invested in the client making changes than the client is himself.

Falling in Love Again

A Brief History of Psychoactive Drugs

July/August 2014
Over the last 150 years, we’ve seen waves of mass infatuations with psychotropic drugs—antidepressants being the latest. While all these drugs are different, their story arc seems to follow a predictable course.
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Family Matters

What the Cactus Knew: The Reward of Not Getting What You Want

July/August 2013
A much-anticipated vacation demonstrates the rewards of not getting what you want.

Clinician's Digest III

Navigating the Maze of DSM-5

November/December 2012

Facing Our Fears

Why We Avoid Doing Couples Therapy

November/December 2011

As neuroscience increasingly shows how wired we are to our intimate partners, an important question arises for therapists: Why do we primarily continue to see people individually who are grappling with serious problems in their relationships?

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Bringing Up Baby

Are We Too Attached?

March/April 2011
While therapists may consider some intuitively appealing ideas about human development---like attachment theory---beyond dispute, the researcher's job is to challenge unproven explanations shaped more by our biases and preconceptions than by hard evidence.
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