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Point of View

The Rise of Neurofeedback

November/December 2017
Neurofeedback has brought a powerful new technology into the consulting room.

In Consultation

The Case for Neurofeedback: Rewiring the brain in the consulting room

May/June 2014
The increasing popularity of neurofeedback is based on the growing evidence that a wide variety of psychological disorders can be understood as firing mistakes in the brain’s electrical activity.

Clinician's Digest

How to Help Learning Stick for Clients * What Can Neuroscience Tell Us About Psychotherapy?

September/October 2013

Alice in Neuroland

Can Machines Teach Us to Be More Human?

September/October 2005
As neuroscience was becoming the topic du jour of the therapy field, we sent Senior Editor Katy Butler to MIT on a mission. The result was, literally, a mind-expanding article that thrust readers into the larger, brave new world of behavioral neuroscience. Nominated for a National Magazine Award for Feature Writing, this piece conveys both the excitement and eerie strangeness of therapists’ plunge into a “new rabbit hole into the psyche.”
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Riding the Waves

Neurofeedback: A Breakthrough with Learning Disabilities?

September/October 2004
Neurofeedback is one of a group of new technologies that promises not only to treat the symptoms of mood, attention, and learning disorders, but to address the brain-wave patterns that underlie them.
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