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Recession-Proof Your Practice - Page 8


Dina was galvanized by the recession to retool her business to survive, but her plan would help her stay profitable, even when economic times improved. She learned how to assess her situation, prioritize her services, find a focus, cut unnecessary expenses, develop better referral sources, and systemize and manage administrative tasks. She took steps to build her brand and her connection within the public and professional community. She managed, with support, to stay calm, resilient, and clearheaded, so she could continue to take action in a planned way, rather than a chaotic one. Most important of all, she felt a new sense of confidence in herself because she now knew that, rather than see her practice wither away, she had the business skills and entrepreneurial mentality to continue building it up, in spite of gloomy economic forecasts. n-

Lynn Grodzki, L.C.S.W., M.C.C., is a psychotherapist and master certified coach in Silver Spring, Maryland. She's the author of four books on practice-building, including Building Your Ideal Private Practice and 12 Months to Your Ideal Private Practice. Contact: Letters to the Editor about this article may be e-mailed to

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