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In Consultation

The Art of the First Session

Getting It Right From the Start

You never get a second chance to have a first session, so make the most of it.

The Truth About Bullying

How therapists can help harassed kids

While some believe the incidence of school bullying has reached epidemic proportions, therapists remain largely uninformed about the nature of the problem and what to do about it.

Therapy’s Nonverbal Dance

Are you in step with your clients?

Noticing a client’s nonverbal shifts isn’t enough. You must know what these shifts mean.

Peer Supervision Groups that Work

Three steps that make a difference

Peer consultation groups offer all kinds of rich possibilities for learning and collegial support---as long as you set them up properly.

Talking on the Edge

Assessing the Risk of Suicide

Most clinicians already know the basic questions to ask about a client’s suicidality, but it’s important to go beyond a rote assessment to get a fuller picture of suicide risk.

PNJA13-6Yoga in the Therapy Room

Centering the uncentered client

Recently, therapists have begun to use simple, no-mat yoga practices to help clients whose minds are racing or fogged.

A Buddhist Approach to Helping Low Self-Esteem 

Teaching Self-Compassion in Therapy

 A Buddhist approach to enhancing self-esteem

It’s More Complicated Than That

Probing the complexities of the antidepressants debate

The recent spate of negative research findings and unfavorable media coverage of antidepressant drugs have obscured some important clinical issues.

From Estrangement to Engagement

Helping fathers and daughters connect

The New Face of Racism

Today, No One is Immune to the Effects of Discrimination

In today’s multicultural world, no one is immune to the emotional fallout of discrimination.

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