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2012 July/August
Ethics in the Digital Age: How casual is too casual?

Nothing Personal…It’s the Rules

JA2012-1Boundaries in an Age of Informality

By Mary Jo Barrett

As the status of therapist has shifted from an oversized figure with Svengali-like powers to an overworked and underpaid service provider at the mercy of the client-consumer...

JA2012-2When the Whole World is Watching

By Ofer Zur

The revolution in communication technology has created a new set of ethical dilemmas, which are invading our sessions, whether we know it or not.

JA2012-3Think Before You Get Personal

By Janine Roberts

The ways we disclose, read cues from our clients, and dialogue about what’s been divulged are the keys to whether therapist self-disclosure helps clients’ therapeutic goals or gets in the way.

JA2012-4Two Practical Perspectives

By Steven Frankel and Clifton Mitchell

A therapist–lawyer on what most often gets clinicians in trouble with the law and everything you need to know about the duty to report, to warn—and more.

JA2012-5A Hospice Social Worker’s Take on Inside Curveballs

By J. Scott Janssen

When something is coming at you that may cause pain or self-doubt, it’s natural to want to duck.

The Partisan Personality

The Anatomy of Self-Hatred

Learning to Love Our Loathed "Selves"

With stalemated cases in which the task of self-acceptance feels impossible, the therapist needs to offer more than compassion and encouragement.

What If Your Mobile Device Went Missing?

The Importance of Tracking our Technologies

Ever consider what would happen if your portable device---chock full of information about your clients---went missing?

Irvin Yalom on Psychotherapy as Craft

Looking Back to Move Forward 

In an age when all eyes seem constantly riveted on the Next Big Thing, celebrated therapist-novelist Irvin Yalom takes a different approach.

Resisting the Culture of Extroversion

Stop, Look, and Listen!

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

A new book about the power of keeping your mouth shut provides a much-needed corrective to our cultural enchantment with extroversion.

Not All Families are Related by Blood

Mozart Redux

Not all families are related by blood.

July/August 2012 Ethics in the Digital Age
Where do we set the boundaries?

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