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Pat Ogden on Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

How Our Bodies Reveal Our Inner Experience

For more than 25 years, Pat Ogden has been at the forefront of developing somatic approaches that can succeed where the talking cure fails.

Is Technology Changing Our Minds?

What therapists need to know in the Digital Age

Wearing Your Heart on Your Face

The Polyvagal Circuit in the Consulting Room

Psychophysiologist Stephen Porges’s research on the polyvagal nervous system provides insight into the evolutionary roots of trauma and anxiety, and how therapists can effectively convey safety to clients.

Talking with God

Religion as a therapeutic experience

Anthropologist and author Tanya Luhrmann explains how many evangelicals experience the kind of support in their connection with God that others find in their relationship with a therapist.

Igniting Excellence in Psychotherapy

Top performers are made, not born

When it comes to achieving excellence, author Daniel Coyle has found a common pattern of focused, guided practice and instruction that leads to success.

Learning How to Learn

Communities of Practice can reveal new paths to excellence

While therapists often lead quite isolated professional lives, social-learning theorist Etienne Wenger has shown how a community of practice is perhaps the crucial ingredient in the development of a skilled clinician. 

Our Potential for Good 

Altruism as an Evolutionary Imperative

Psychologist Darcher Keltner believes that underestimating our capacity for altruism does human nature a disservice.

The Alphabet Soup

Diana Fosha on the Convergence in Today’s Therapies

Diana Fosha talks about why so many acronymic therapies---ADEP, DBT, IFS, ACT--- resemble each other, and what that says about the therapy field today.

A Match Made on Earth

Neil Clark Warren, the founder of the successful matchmaking site eHarmony, talks about what’s necessary to find a good, compatible match.

Whatever Became of Feminism?

Harriet Lerner on the Legacy of the Women's Movement

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