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Richard Schwartz

Mary Jo Barrett and Dick Schwartz

Mary Jo BarrettDick SchwartzSince PTSD was added to the DSM in 1980, trauma treatment has gone through an evolution unparalleled by any other area of psychotherapy. Trauma experts Mary Jo Barrett and Dick Schwartz have both been present for this evolution, and in the past 30 years they’ve seen the rise of somatic, neuroscientific, mind-body, and attachment-based approaches to treating trauma survivors.

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media-audiocourse-tn With Richard Schwartz • 6 Sessions • 6 Optional CE Hours

prof-development-a309-distortionRegain your clarity and clinical perspective quickly when dealing with difficult clients by learning a new way of identifying and dealing with the cognitive distortions and extreme emotions they trigger in you.

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Psychotherapy is being transformed by the unprecedented convergence of new scientific findings and ancient healing traditions. Discover the practical applications of these new and old techniques in this course.

PNMJ13-3Learning to Manage Our Fears

By Richard Schwartz

Inevitably, given their history of trauma, many borderline clients will trigger their therapists from time to time. But forgoing the urge to blame these clients and taking responsibility for what’s happening inside you can become a turning point in therapy.

Richard SchwartzThursday, November 3

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Richard Schwartz • Explore the inner world of the psyche with Richard Schwartz, whose insights, supported by brain science and human experience, have redefined and clarified the concept of the “inner self.”

PNSO11-3Going Beyond Acceptance to Healing

By Richard Schwartz

A psychotherapist discusses the next step: how to help clients transform the disruptive feelings and thoughts that they’ve learned to simply observe during meditation.


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media-onlinecourse-tn 3 CE Hours

couples therapy

Every therapist who works with couples inevitably works with sexual issues, but how do they choose from the multitudes of treatments for sexual dysfunction? This course is a clear and practical guide to the most successful techniques.