Covering the Field

Covering the Field

The Best Networker Covers of the Past Quarter-Century


March/April 2007

One of the livelier Networker rituals is our bimonthly production meeting, at which we decide about the cover art that we hope will capture the spirit and content of the issue's main theme. We're always seeking an image that offers a compelling snapshot of a trend, a controversy, or a new development shaping the trajectory of practice. Here are the editors' selections for the all-time Top 10 Networker covers. We chose them for their ability to bring a particular issue to visual life, but they can be read as a thumbnail history of the major currents and stories of the last 25 years.

The Creative Leap September/October 1984
Much of the focus of the early Networker was the fascination with the consulting-room theatricality of figures like Salvador Minuchin, Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir, and Carl Whitaker. For many readers, this cover image captured the prospect of a career devoted to creativity that drew so many young therapists into the field in the '70s and early '80s

S.O.S. for Private Practice January/February 1987
By the mid-1980s, reality began to settle in as the expansive Golden Age of Private Practice reached its limits and a new streamlined, cost-conscious health care system took its place. Many practitioners found their daily professional lives—and incomes—transformed.

The Constructivists Are Coming! September/ October

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