Stepping into the Moment - Really!

Stepping into the Moment - Really!

The 2007 Symposium theme comes alive

By Garry Cooper

May/June 2007

At 3:00 a.m. on the last night of the Psychotherapy Network's 30th-Anniversary Symposium, fire alarms and flashing lights went off in every one of the Omni Shoreham's 834 rooms, and the record number of attendees—nearly 3,600 of them—were ordered to evacuate. Many of the bleary-eyed throngs somnambulating through the Omni's ornate lobby during what Networker President Rich Simon described the next morning as the "Symposium's first pajama party" might ruefully have noted the irony of a symposium titled "Stepping into the Moment."

The false alarm was the last of a series of events that added unexpected resonance to the Symposium's theme. A spring ice and snow storm closed several East Coast airports, preventing some workshop presenters and Saturday dinner speaker Jerome Kagan from showing up. Saturday keynoter Daniel Goleman injured his leg and spent the day in an MRI tube instead of speaking on "Social Intelligence in the Consulting Room." But if the universe kept throwing curve balls, the Symposium's considerable bench strength met the challenge.

Pinch-hitting speakers like Daniel Siegel knocked the balls out of the park, while readings and book signings, nearly 150 workshops, free video screenings (including a tribute to Jay Haley), and other formal and informal events afforded plenty of opportunities for stimulation, new perspectives, and CE credits. By the end of the four days, the notion of stepping into the moment had opened into a richer awareness of…

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