Secrets of an Effective Website

Secrets of an Effective Website

By Joe Bavonese

March/April 2009

The days when therapists needed to decide whether they wanted to have a website are passed. Today it's become an essential way of regularly attracting referrals to your practice. So the question is no longer whether to have a website, but how to do it.

There are two choices: you can hire a local web designer (expect to spend $1,500 to $4,000, depending on the features you select), or you can do it yourself. The best sites for creating your own website are GoDaddy's Website Tonight program ( and Sitesell's SiteBuildIt ( The big advantage of creating your own site is that you can update it quickly, and at no cost.

Once you've got your website up and running, to make it genuinely effective at attracting clients, you have to master two skills. The first is Increasing traffic: getting potential clients from your local community to see and visit your website. The second is Conversion: turning a percentage of those visitors into clients consistently.

Developing an Online Presence

When you first construct a website, only your web-hosting company knows your site exists. This isn't comforting when you consider that there are currently more than 135 million websites with more than 25 billion pages. As a new site owner, you're a tiny drop in an ever-expanding virtual sea. So how do you direct people to your website? To get steady traffic,…

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