From the Editor

From the Editor

By Rich Simon

January/February 2010

This issue examines whether our increasing knowledge of all those multisyllabic brain processes has really made us more effective practitioners. We've assembled a collection of provocative, perhaps game-changing articles, which discuss whether we're on the brink of a new era of clinical practice or have merely added some more impressively scientific-sounding lingo to our standard professional jargon.

The "Networker Live!" rollout for this issue will premiere on January 20 with an interview with Daniel Siegel, widely acknowledged as the pioneer in integrating brain science and psychotherapy. Guests in future weeks will include Daniel Goleman, Jerome Kagan, and Ron Taffel, offering you not only a front-row seat on the conversations shaping the future of psychotherapy, but a chance to participate in them as well. If you wish, you'll also be able to receive CE credits by registering for these webcast sessions (see page 40).

Beyond that, if you're really intrigued by the clinical perspective of an author in an issue, there's a good chance that we'll be offering a Telecourse through Networker U that'll enable you to further your learning connection with him or her. From this issue, we invite you to sign up for the upcoming Telecourse with Lloyd Linford and John Arden, the authors of this issue's visionary cover story (see page 24). In addition, to help you most effectively bring new clinical ideas into your work, each issue will give you a chance to enroll in a live…

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