Point Of View

Point Of View

A Match Made on Earth

By Ryan Howes

July/August 2011

What’s a “good match”? Millions of singles are dying to know, while millions of couples wish for a do-over. With all we’ve learned about the brain and human nature, why can’t we figure this out? Or have we?

Psychologist and marriage counselor Neil Clark Warren wrestled with this question for 40 years, and turned to scientific research to find the answer. His 29 Dimensions of Compatibility were found to be highly predictive of relationship success, so he began using them to match singles in 2000. One decade and nearly 30 million memberships later, Warren’s eHarmony matchmaking site claims to be responsible for five percent of all U.S. marriages, with 542 members marrying every day, and a divorce rate that’s significantly lower than the national average.

Warren studied at Pepperdine University, Princeton Seminary, and the University of Chicago, where he was drawn to the work of Carl Rogers. He’s the author of eight bestselling books, including Finding the Love of Your Life, which sold more than a million copies. Going strong at 74, he took a moment to discuss the past, present, and future of Internet matchmaking.


RH: You’ve spent years battling the divorce rate. How did this become your passion?

WARREN: Well, when you’re an old, veteran clinician like me, you’ve seen about all the pain you…

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