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It’s All in Your Head? A Primer on Chronic Pain

By Molly Layton

September/October 2022

The Song of Our Scars

By Haider Warraich

New York, NY, Basic Books

Recently, I was driving in the massive Texas sun to the Austin YMCA, settling into the middle of a radio interview with some guy who clearly knew a lot about pain. I go to the Y every day because swimming laps staves off the trickster jabs of sciatica that would otherwise dominate my day. As the radio guy was discussing the power of placebos, I was pulling into a parking space next to a thick and weedy slough filled with a stand of irrepressibly purple spiderwort, not at all intimidated by the unremitting sun.

I already knew that a “fake” pill can be just as or more effective than a “real” pill when they test the efficacy of new drugs. But get this: a placebo, a fake pill, retains much or even more of its power even when patients know they’re taking a placebo. What special mojo is that? It turns out that the secret ingredient in a good placebo is the care and attention of the treating doctor—or acupuncturist or anesthesiologist or physical therapist or nurse practitioner or mother. That caring, empathic person, I’d add, might be a psychotherapist seeing a client who’s stuck in a labyrinth with the life-eating Minotaur of chronic pain. Psychotherapists, not surprisingly, will have a crucial role in our growing knowledge of the psychology of chronic pain.

The guy on the radio was Haider Warraich, a physician educated in his native…

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