Practice Tools - May/June 2022

Practice Tools - May/June 2022

Two resources from Martha Straus's Cool, Calm, and Connected Workbook

By Martha Straus

May/June 2022

Handouts and worksheets are helpful ways of reinforcing therapeutic interventions, helping clients develop new skills, and kickstarting change. That’s why in each issue of the Networker, we’re offering a free practice tool that you can use with your clients right away.

This issue features "Own Your Hooks and How They Affect You" and "Understand Your Role in the Cycle of Escalation" from Martha Straus's Cool, Calm, and Collected: A Workbook for Parents and Children to Co-regulate, Manage Big Emotions, and Build Stronger Bonds. These worksheets are designed to help your clients:

  • Identify the warning signs that signal that they're getting triggered by their child
  • Guide them through understanding how their responses may escalate difficult situations
  • Prepare them to make meaningful changes in their behavior with their child

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