Practice Tools - July/August 2021

Practice Tools - July/August 2021

Internal Family Systems’s 6 F’s Model from Frank Anderson’s Transcending Trauma

By Psychotherapy Networker

July/August 2021

Handouts, worksheets, and visual aids have become popular ways of reinforcing therapeutic interventions and reminding clients about what they’ve learned long after a session is over. That’s why we’ve hand-selected a new practice tool for each issue to use with your clients right away.

This issue features Internal Family Systems’s 6 F’s Model, adapted from Frank Anderson’s book Transcending Trauma. This roadmap will help guide you with each client to:

  • Work with protective parts in a step-by-step model
  • Foster a trusting relationship with a client’s protective and wounded parts
  • Identify the core fears to be overcome to help them move toward healing

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