Practice Tools - May June 2021

Practice Tools - May June 2021

Four Body Awareness Techniques from Manuela Mischke-Reeds' Bestselling "Somatic Psychotherapy Toolbox"


May/June 2021

Handouts and worksheets have become popular ways of reinforcing therapeutic interventions and reminding clients about what they’ve learned long after a session is over. That’s why in each issue of the Networker, we’re offering a practice tool that you can use with your clients right away.

This issue features four exercises from Manuela Mischke-Reeds' Somatic Psychotherapy Toolbox.

  • The Body Awareness Inventory
  • Naming Your Present-Moment Experience in Your Body
  • Identifying Body Themes
  • Somatic Beliefs of Self

Based on over 25 years of clinical experience, Mischke-Reeds has developed these exercises to help clients build awareness of how their anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma inhabit their bodies and work with them in new body-based way through simple, easy-to-follow practices. Add them to your clinical toolbox for a quick reference to use with clients.