Finding the Balance

Finding the Balance

How to Meet Stress with Tenderness during COVID-19

By David Treadway

July/August 2020

On April 21st, we were spaced out in our neighbor’s backyard as it grew dark. Each of us was carefully masked and gloved, each of us held a candle, couples and families dotted across the lawn. Then Jane came out on the balcony of her house in her mask and bathrobe.

The night before, she’d lost her husband, Charles, to COVID-19.

She spoke through her mask, thanking us for being there and telling us how much she and Charles loved being part of our little neighborhood.

“We love you. We miss Charles. We’ll be there for you,” folks called out.

Then, after a moment of silence, Jane went back into her house. Kate and I blew out our candles, waved to our neighbors, and walked back toward our home.

I took Kate’s hand as we headed down the hill and said, “I wish there’d been some response like this for my guy.”

“Who?” she asked, clearly preoccupied with her own sadness.

“My client John. But he was so isolated, and his family obviously couldn’t travel from New Jersey. I doubt anyone was there. I haven’t heard anything about a service yet either. He must have felt so alone. It makes me so sad.”

Kate put her arm around my shoulder as my tears came.

- - - -

The COVID-19 pandemic has…

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1 Comment

Thursday, July 23, 2020 6:43:38 PM | posted by Debra Ann Bruce
Dear David: I just wanted to thank you for your sincere heartfelt article. Your honesty in how this impacts us psychotherapists was so real and I appreciated it greatly. Be well!