Practice Tools - March/April 2020 Issue

Practice Tools - March/April 2020 Issue

REACTS Journaling Exercise

By Lisa Ferentz

March/April 2020

Handouts and worksheets have become popular ways of reinforcing therapeutic interventions and reminding clients about what they’ve learned long after a session is over. That’s why in each issue of the Networker, we’re offering practice tools that you can use with your clients right away.

This issue features the REACTS Journaling Exercise, designed by Lisa Ferentz. It can help clients who engage in self-destructive behaviors—such as cutting, bingeing, addictions, and other acts of self-harm—explore:

  • The key triggers that lead them to engage in these behaviors as coping mechanisms
  • Ways to reduce feelings of shame and blame around self-harm and addictions
  • Healthier ways to meet their needs for self-soothing and relief from the pain of trauma

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Topic: Trauma

Tags: Practice Tools

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