Everywhere at Once

Everywhere at Once

Esther Perel Is Becoming Therapy's Most Visible Presence

September/October 2017

Ubiquity is a word that invites exaggeration. After all, how many things really exist everywhere at the same time? Light? Air? Texting-while-walking teenagers? But in the age of modern media, when certain people come along to exert an irresistible pull on the spotlight across platforms, there’s something that might be called cultural ubiquity. Everywhere you look, every magazine you pick up, every time you check your social media, there they are. But how many people outside the realms of politics, entertainment, or the upper reaches of the business world achieve anything like it?

To be sure, in the therapy field, old-fashioned as it is in so many ways, no matter how many conference keynotes you deliver or workshops you give around the world or professional books you write, there’s normally a modest limit to your visibility and media exposure. Sure, occasionally someone writes a breakout bestseller, makes an especially crowd-pleasing appearance on television or, for some reason, gets a zillion hits for a blog on the 10 best ways to combat stress. But all of that usually creates just a brief moment in the limelight, a quick foray into mini-celebrityhood, which gets noted by colleagues with a vague mix of curiosity and perhaps envy, before the amplified attention passes.

And then there’s couples therapist Esther Perel, who in recent years has had as much claim to being the public face of psychotherapy as anyone in our field. Here’s only a partial…

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